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Please consider donating to support the next generation of innovators and leaders in Africa. Your donation will help empower youth to make an impact in their communities for years to come.


Today, despite greater global interconnectivity and opportunity than ever before, the creativity and agency of our youth in Africa is sidelined. Young people have bright ideas about the problems that face their communities, but those ideas are seldom expressed or heard. As a result, youth miss the opportunity to test their ideas for improving their societies, or even realize the value in their ideas. This culture of learned helplessness cuts the countries off from generations of good ideas and stunts the growth of creativity in talented young people.

GMin believes that young people everywhere should have the opportunity to “learn to make and make to learn”. GMin therefore provides design workshops, seed funding, mentorship, physical spaces and opportunities to go through rapid prototyping that enable young people to learn through solving actual challenges in their local communities.


Global Minimum fosters a generation of young innovators and leaders in Africa who tackle challenges affecting their communities through critical thinking and hands-on learning.


Cultural and environmental differences are taken into account with each program and therefore no two programs/projects are identical. Our country teams are dedicated to creating the best environment for our participants to thrive.


Hundreds of students in Sierra Leone, Kenya, and South Africa have participated in GMin’s programs over the past four years.  Their remarkable stories continue to inspire others to create a culture of innovation in their communities.

Kelvin Doe

Mercy Sigey

Tom Osborn

Luthando Dyasi

Want To Read Other Student Stories?

Teams of young innovators like Kelvin Doe from Sierra Leone, Nicola Jacobs from Cape Town, and Sophia Seketo from Kenya identify problems in their communities and develop prototypes that aim to solve them. Take some time to read more of the inspiring stories of students who, along with their teams, set out to create impactful change in their communities, by developing innovative solutions.


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As we are committed to empowering others, we have been fortunate to have received financial support from people across the world. Please consider donating today to support the next generation of innovators. Your donation will help us to continue to empower talented individuals to make an impact in their communities for years to come.