April 2018 Innovate Kenya Finalists

A. Hydraulic Hydroelectric Power
A solar-powered machine that enables the production of hydroelectric power in rivers. The machine operates using electromagnetic principles to increase the Kinetic energy in the river yielding significant electricity from relatively small rivers and high electricity from larger rivers.

School: Pumwani Boys High School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Energy
Team Members: Emmanuel Mulengwa


Team Members: Stephen Karogo, Emmanuel Mulengwa

B. My Trans Toto App
A mobile application for schools and parents that will enhance efficient pick-up and drop-offs for commuting students. The application will ensure parents can track their children on their way to and from school and the schools can notify the parents when their students are picked from school.

School: Menengai High School
Location: Nakuru County
Category: Housing & Transport
Team Members: Mahfudh Omar,Hiram Kimaku,Abdallah Ali Moor.


Team members: Mahfudh Omar,Hiram Kimaku, Abdallah Ali Noor.

C. Farsight
Farsight is a holographic display technology solution that will assist doctors to examine their patients. The imaging system will provide a clear visualization of patients’ structure before surgery increasing chances of successful surgery while saving time.

School: Nova Pioneer Boys
Location: Kiambu County
Category: Healthcare
Team Members: Austin Wangahu,Neville Wambichi & Stephen Mukiri.


Team Members: Stephen Mukiri, Austin Wangahu, Neville Wambichi.

D. Team Croton
The team is commercializing the Croton tree by using croton nuts to produce biodiesel. The community will also benefit from the high protein animal feeds and Nitrogen-rich fertilizer made from croton nuts.

School: Mubere Secondary School
Location: Trans-Nzoia
Category: Agriculture & Energy
Team Members: Samuel Bahati, Brian Tirop, Collins Nyongesa & Shadrack Barasa,


Team Members: Shadrack Barasa, Samuel Bahati, Dennis Tum, Simon Peter

A mobile application that aims to reduce road accidents caused by reckless drivers in Kenya. The app, once installed, gives the user the ability to report the reckless driver to the relevant authorities while maintaining anonymity.

School: Precious Blood Riruta
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Transport
Team Members: Grace Hellaine, Cynthia Bonareri & Mercy Kemunto


Team Members: Grace Hellaine, Cynthia Bonareri, Mercy Kemunto, Stephanie Shiyenze

F. University Knowledge
An application that gives students access to a database of all universities, their entry requirements and available courses with their details. The app will increase awareness among students leading to informed choices regarding their higher education.

School:Nova Pioneer Girls
Location: Kiambu County
Categories: Education
Team Members: Stephanie Rono & Shirmim Mwangemi


Team Members: Stephanie Rono, Shirmim Mwangem

G. Wildlife Sniffer Fence
A system that monitors the movement of wildlife out of the park using photocells and a weighbridge. The system notifies a rapid response team whenever an animal leaves the park. The sniffer fence will help eliminate conflict between humans and wildlife and increase wildlife conservation.

School: Maranda High School
Location: Siaya County
Category: Wildlife
Team Members: Lennox Tweyo, Collins Obota, Pessy Margaret & Ann Onyango

Sniffer Fence

Team Members: Collins Obota,Pessy Margaret, Lennox Tweyo

H. Electric Arc Furnace
An environment-friendly way to recycle steel using carbon electrodes. The solution will reduce industrial pollution by toxic gases like sulphur dioxide.

School: Agape Hope School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Environment
Team Members: Amos Otieko, Millenium Zisaga & Shadrack Omuriai
Faculty Mentors: Mr Moses Kerumba


Team Members: Amos Otieko, Millenium Zisaga, Shadrack Omuriai

I. M-naswa
A mobile application that aims to eradicate tax-related fraud in the government to boost the country’s economy. Through the app, revenue authorities can track their transactions within the country and in foreign markets, and keep financial records of all working adults.

School: Precious Blood Riruta
Category: Governance
Team Members: Robert Aziza, Winnie Nzuve
Faculty Mentors:


Team Members: Winnie Nzuve, Robert Aziza.

J. Solar-Powered Water Purifier
A water purifier that utilizes the UV-rays in sunlight to eliminate microbes in water, making it safe for consumption. The solution is suitable for a wide range of settings including rural areas, cities and areas without access to electricity.

School: Loreto Convent Msongari
Category: Water & Sanitation
Team Members: Pauline Muthoka & Amal Latiff
Faculty Mentor: Maxwell Ondeyo


Team Members: Pauline Muthoka, Amal Latiff

K.Ideal App
A mobile application that links young entrepreneurs to potential investors in the market. The app will promote information and idea sharing among communities and encourage people to build solutions to the challenges they face.

School: Riruta Satellite
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Entrepreneurship and Employability
Team Members: Frank Kinuthia, Sharon Juma, Stella Adhiambo


Team Members: Stella Adhiambo,Frank Kinuthia Sharon Juma

L. Indomitable Blind Aid
A cane aid for the blind that will help them navigate by detecting obstructions in their way. The cane will use advanced sensors to communicate to the user and will be customized to the user’s preference.

School: Nembu Girls High School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Healthcare
Team Members: Georgina Wanja, Gloria Zawadi & Angela Mwai
Faculty Mentors: Mr Micheni


Team Members: Georgina Wanja,Angela Mwai,Gloria Zawadi.

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