CampBuni is about the Now and the Future of Kenya. We are challenging bright young people to think about sustainable creative ways to solve the most challenging issues in their communities and come up with next-gen solutions that will disrupt how things work. By empowering students with the creative freedom to design way into the future, we lay a fundamental foundation for national development. “Buni is a swahili word for innovate”.

The Design thinking and entrepreneurship camp for teens aged 13-18 year olds engages students to brainstorm critically about solutions in their own communities and come up with innovative solutions to solve these problems. The camp, taking place at the iHub from 17th-21st July, is one that will convene students from both British and Kenyan (IGSCE and KSCE) curriculum and have a 5 day crash programme on design thinking and core entrepreneurship skills. The students/participants will learn about current successful entrepreneurs and approaches they took and get mentorship advice—even past the camp—on how to transform their ideas into scalable solutions.The programme will embrace a STEAM theme(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) approach. During the summer camp, students will engage with some tools and games like Arduino, Makey Makey, and empathy exercises like the blind-fold Arrow and Cogwheel game to aid in learning of the creative process.During the programme, participants will be challenged to come up with ideas and develop them along the programme’s five-day timeline.

CampBuni’s set objectives/goals for this camp

1. Have participants merge academic concepts taught at school with design thinking skills introduced at the camp to develop real life innovative solutions to problems faced in today’s world.

2. Have participants be in a position to generate ingenious solutions from scarce resources.

3. Outstanding confidence presentation/delivery skills of their projects solving different problems

4. Exposure to seed-funding opportunities to grow innovative projects into fully fledged social ventures solving today’s and tomorrow’s problems as well as opportunities for higher learning to advance them.

5. Instill a solid entrepreneurship and design thinking platform for the participants that will come in handy.

6. Introduce open source prototyping tools e.g. Arduino and Makey Makey kits that they will use even past the camp to prototype their solutions.

At CampBuni, we are not only interested in generating solutions to big problems. We believe important change can happen on small scale; even the biggest projects begin with small steps. The most important change a country can achieve—something CampBuni looks forward to inspire—is towards a creative and innovative mentality. CampBuni is about that proccess!

The campBuni team leverages the fact that yes, there is a widespread need to supplement the framework captured in the Kenyan curriculum with social entrepreneurship and design thinking skills, and as such facilitating sparking of creative and sustainable solutions through a strong supportive platform. Application of these skills learnt will enable effective replication and re-thinking of some of Kenya’s and the world’s biggest solutions. Most importantly, CampBuni promises groundbreaking ubiquitous and feasible innovations in the Kenyan innovation space that will address pressing needs in the their local communities, having a special focus on technology, energy and agriculture.

The camp, taking place from the 17th-21st July at the iHub will cost Ksh. 4,000. This cost covers for snacks and food for participants, materials that will be used by the participants, tooling fees, giveaways and certificates to the participants. Apply now!!

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