What is InLab:

InLab program is a ten-week after-school program that provides youth in select partner schools with the opportunity to learn problem solving skills, collaboration, and creative thinking through interest-driven curriculum. In collaboration with educators, the InLab program introduces topics and skills beyond what is taught in schools, such as electronics and programming. InLab program aims to foster entrepreneurial and creative capacities in youth, ultimately promoting a spirit of innovation.


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Program Focus Areas

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Physical Space

GMin works with local schools and their staff to identify and create dedicated spaces for the InLab accessible to all interested students. These spaces are designed to enable creativity and freedom.

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Technical Tools

InLab is equipped with technical tools in the form of themed toolkits (e.g., crafts, digital media and electronic toolkits) and a curriculum guide for fostering innovation and design thinking including practical guidance through relevant case examples.

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InLab offers standalone workshops on topics and skills beyond what is taught in schools, such as Electronics and Programming.

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Mentorship and Innovation Leadership

InLab offers mentorship in collaboration with educators, family members, community members, alumni and global network of innovators. Peer mentorship is encouraged throughout the program.

InLab Kivuli

InLab St. Elizabeth

InLab St. Elizabeth

InLab Prince of Wales

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For more information please e-mail us at info@gmin.org.