Innovate Kenya Announces 2015 Finalists

Global Minimum Innovate Kenya is proud to announce that more than 160 secondary school students from Nairobi, Nakuru and Uasin Gishu counties in Kenya submitted project proposals for this year’s InChallenge. They proposed tangible solutions to problems affecting their communities. The proposals demonstrated passion and drive that make us very excited for the future of Kenya.

This year, we selected nine projects from 55 project proposals based on sustainability, feasibility, innovation and impact. Each finalist team will be invited to a three-week workshop at PAWA254 from April 13th to May 2nd, 2015  where they will work with Global Minimum to make their project ideas a reality!

Recycling Plastics for Art

Loreto Convent-Msongari
Team Members: Diana Monyangi and June Karanja
Category: Art

Plastic bottles are covering up most of the landfills in Kenya and causing detrimental effects to the environment. This team has come up with an idea to put the plastic wastes into good use by collecting used plastic bottles and upcycling (reusing) the bottles to create chandeliers, lamps and other household items.

Soil Polythene Farming

Moi Chuiyat Secondary School
Team Members: Cynthia Cherono and Mercy Jeptoo
Category: Science

The drought season is affecting farming in Kenya in various ways and most of farmers are finding it hard to grow vegetables which is affecting the intake of a proper balanced diet. The student team have researched and have came across an effective method of farming called, “Soil Polythene Farming”, which will ensure farmers can grow vegetables while conserving water. The team has already tested out this method by growing cabbages and they believe that this method can work for farmers in growing other vegetables as well.

The Voice

Aquinas Secondary School
Team Members: Eugene
Category: Art & Web Development

‘The Voice’ aims to provide a platform for promoting Kenyan youth to showcase their artistic talent to a greater audience that normally they wouldn’t reach. The team aims to build a website and a print magazine that will highlight talented youth as well as providing an opportunity for mentorship to the youth.


Loreto-Convent Msongari
Team Members: Hanah Chitala, Claudine Otieno and Priscah Osir
Category: Science

The team is trying to solve the challenge of skin diseases such as eczema and acne by producing a natural soap made from the soapwort plant. The team also sees their project as an alternative remedy to the harmful cosmetics and beauty products that most teenagers apply on their skin.

Cough Syrup

Global Vision Secondary School
Team Members: Amos Moseti, Kenneth Austin and Carol Ndung’u
Category: Science

The team is tackling the problems of access to quality cough syrups and also the prevalence of counterfeit drugs in their communities. Their solution involves a simple better tasting cough syrup dosage that they plan to produce and distribute in various community centers to help curb the communicable viral disease.

Cosvix Chamber / Car Exhaust Fumes Purifier

Aquinas Secondary School & Alliance High School
Team Members: Elvis Kimani, Smith Jiks, Jack Okello and George Murithi
Category: Engineering

Both teams have come up with a way to minimize the amount of CO2 emissions that are produced by exhaust pipes of motor vehicles. They intend to design a chamber that can be attached to an exhaust pipe of a motor vehicles in order to purify the CO2 before it is let out on to the atmosphere. By using this technology, they hope to cut down on carbon emissions by cars especially public service vehicles.

Piezo Electric Charger

The Kenya High School
Team Members: Stephanie Wanjiku, Linda Nduhiu and Faith Rose Kisuya
Category: Engineering

More than half of the Kenyan population lives in areas where they do not have direct access to electricity. Thus many people have trouble charging their phones which they depend on for their daily activities and subsistence. The team seeks to create a charger that will apply the use of an alternative source of power and therefore reduce dependence on commercially generated power.

Simple Solar-Powered Iron Sheet

Mary Leakey Girls High School
Team Members: Sharon Teresa, Anne Karime and Emma Karanja
Category: Engineering

Even though there is a big push for nationwide electrification in Kenya, there are still areas without electricity and power blackouts are still a common occurrence in many areas. The team proposes the use of solar energy but not just any solar energy, they want to use nano-solar technology which would be an efficient way of storing solar energy to be used for electric energy.

Mosquito/Bug repeller

Alliance High School
Team Members: Stephen Gakumo and Noah Kyalo
Category: Engineering & Health

In recent years, Kenya together with the help of health organizations locally and internationally have taken great strides to prevent and treat malaria but despite this, many rural demographics of Kenya still cannot afford its cost of prevention. The team from Alliance High School have come up with a means to prevent household mosquito infestation by making a mosquito repellant using ultrasound. They plan to make a device that will produce a disruptive frequency that will repel mosquitoes into entering people’s homes.

elliInnovate Kenya Announces 2015 Finalists

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