Innovate Kenya Team Apprenticeship & Awards

After the Innovation Camp, most of our innovators are eager to know what’s next for them after the camp and how  they can continue learning from their projects, refine the ideas, build on their entrepreneurship & leadership skills. We came up with a way to answer those questions by giving each team an opportunity to explore companies (both startups and established enterprises) as well as local institutions that can offer tours and short term internship opportunities to the finalists.
Below is a list of companies, institutions and partners that have offered to help in this young innovators explore learning beyond the classroom.

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Litemore is an Ed Tech Company focussed on creating solutions to help learners and educational institutions. In 2016, they offered internships to two Innovate Kenya Finalists working on the Usalama App

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Foondi Workshops runs collaborative design and engineering workshops aimed at building the local skill set. Foondi donated a Foondi Standard Kit which contains a microcontroller and other electronic toolkits for prototyping to the Kodagar Team

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The Nairobi fablab approach to learning is by creating a group of self taught gurus who in turn teach others.Over the past year, Innovate Kenya has taken the following teams for lab visits; Mars Water Desalinator, Solar Cooker, Orange Plastics & Paper Mache. We plan on taking the latest cohort teams for a tour and they include; Waste To Watts, Modified CCTV & TakaPosts & Blocks

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Moringa School is a world-class software developer accelerator based in Nairobi. They have offered our finalist passes and coupons to attend one day workshops. Teams include; Automatic Green House, Skypod, Mwalimu Information Systems, i-Sight & Medbit Inc.  

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Safaricom is a leading telecommunications firm that offers a wide range of communication services to clients. The Automatic Greenhouse team visited the Strategy & Innovation and IT Planning &Delivery departments at Safaricom.

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African Born 3D is a start up based in Nairobi. They design and manufacture high quality and affordable 3D printers from recycled electronic wastes. AB3D offered a 15-day internship to the Piezo Street lighting team. Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.36.40

@iBizAfrica is a business incubator that provides an environment to nurture the potential of youth to develop ICT solutions and sustainable business for the good of society. The Tire is Gold team got the opportunity to pitch their idea during pitch Friday at Strathmore University. The team will also attend the Sankalp forum 2017.

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Kuona Trust has a wide variety of paintings and 3D pieces of art made from recycled and repurposed materials. Plastic Chandeliers team and Decorative Tiles teams will have a one-day tour at Kuona trust Kenya.

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Eenovators is an Energy Consulting firm that is dedicated to offering innovative and reliable energy efficiency solutions. Its products and services are rooted in engineering and driven by innovation, passion, state of the art equipment and world-class experience. Three teams will visit the firm; Energy Revolution, Range Extender and E-gen.

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The Chandaria Business Innovation & Incubation Center supports new and innovative ideas from Kenyans. The center accommodates both KU students and other Kenyans in need of support. It also promotes a culture of innovation among Kenyan youth through various programs. The Bluwdrive team were awarded an opportunity for a one-year incubation at the centre.

richyInnovate Kenya Team Apprenticeship & Awards

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