Sophia Seketo of Innovate Kenya Accepted to African Leadership Unleashed (ALU)’s First Inaugural Class


Sophia Seketo, 2013 Innovate Kenya Finalist

Sophia Seketo, 2013 Innovate Kenya Finalist

NAIROBI, KENYA (November 15, 2015) – Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) is proud to announce that Sophia Seketo (aged 21) will be member of the inaugural class at African Leadership Unleashed (ALU). ALU is a world-class tertiary institution that offers undergraduate programs that will develop the future leaders of Africa. ALU was founded by Fred Swaniker, a world-renowned champion for Africa’s youth. Building on his success in launching African Leadership Academy, Fred launched ALU as a way to bring the most innovative tertiary education in the world to Africa, and in so doing, help unleash Africa’s true potential as a continent. Seketo has been selected from thousands of applicants from across the African continent and will be the second student from GMin to be accepted into the inaugural class.

Seketo participated in the Innovate Kenya Challenge ‘13, a national invention challenge in Kenya run by GMin. She and her team from Precious Girls Secondary School created ‘Manure Cure’  - a composting project intended to create a cleaner and healthier environment. Seketo and her team observed that organic waste that is put in the landfills was creating immense amount of greenhouse gasses. Her team also realized that chemical fertilizer is very expensive and can be very harmful for the environment. Her team therefore built a community composting bin where their community can collect their organic waste. The composting bin created organic fertilizer for farming which was beneficial for the environment and can be sold back to the community much cheaper than traditional chemical fertilizer.

When asked how she will use this opportunity, Seketo says, “As I focus to build my leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills at ALU, I hope to pick out courses either in Engineering or in Humanities. I hope to engage some of my newly found schoolmates at ALU in projects that can contribute to growth in our communities. I also plan to really work hard, open doors for other children back at home and create an impact. I send my heartfelt gratitude to Global Minimum – Innovate Kenya for bringing me this far.”


Sophia and her team presenting Manure Cure Project at the 2013 Innovation Camp

Sophia and her team presenting Manure Cure Project at the Innovation Camp

For those interested in pursuing ALU, Seketo recommends, “One should consider taking part in community service projects, or starting their own initiatives. During the application period one should have prepared themselves mentally, physically and emotionally to dedicate themselves in following up on the progress of applying. When you feel like giving up, create the end product in your mind in order to have a focus. Also have someone to help you in terms of pushing you and advising you positively so that you don’t die out in the middle. I had my mother do this for me. All in all, you need to be objective, focused, time conscious, optimistic and you will end up learning something from the whole experience and apply it in your everyday life.”

elliSophia Seketo of Innovate Kenya Accepted to African Leadership Unleashed (ALU)’s First Inaugural Class

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