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Innovate Salone Program Manager- Sierra Leone
Inchallenge Intern- Kenya



Nicholas Okafor, 2015 Summer Associate

“As someone with a passion for design, international development, and education, this internship was an amazing synthesis of my skills and I was really able to get an idea of where I see myself post-graduation. It still amazes me how much a relatively small non-profit can do, and their impact grows with each iteration. My work with their InLabs program was very hands-on, and I realized from the start that they valued my contributions and gave me the agency to lead in my own way. From the moment they offered me the internship, support flowed from all directions, including US-based Advisory Committee¬†members and onsite Kenya staff, and they worked with me before traveling to Nairobi to make sure I would maximize this opportunity, and my experience matched my expectations. By the end of the summer, I had gained experience in developing curricula, navigating international education structures, networking with non-profits, facilitating workshops, and creating my own program. If you’re interested in joining GMin for a summer, get ready to join a family that will continue to support your endeavors regardless of the path you take.”

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