A spoken word by Tamara Cheruiyot
Team Photo

Innovate Kenya April 2017 innovation Camp Team Photo

The youth collaborating makes a brighter future for humanity. We become innovative, creative and productive. It’s intensive, educative and exclusive.

Exclusive, all this is just outstanding to become expressive in creating something attractive to meet the needs of society.

Innovate Kenya, we designed, we created, we invented through empowerment and made amendments to the demanding needs created by we. We, our different demeanors who brought what was once in assemble to complete obliteration.But we, we who brought demolition we who brought destruction we who tore up what we had dauntlessly came together creating a demagogue.

A demagogue of delicacy with delegation and determination to fashion a resolute to resolve in return to what we once had.Collaboration is key to innovation. It increases the chances of combinations among ideas, which may result in an innovative and gifted product. With time, we brought what we had to destruction… Our environment. As the youth we should collaborate so as to support green communities. Through innovation, we can make our world a better place for flora and fauna!


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