August 2018 Innovate Kenya Finalists

A. Wakulima Treatment

An App that seeks to enable access to veterinary services and minimize loss of livestock and poor crop yields. Wakulima App will help farmers get relevant service via their mobile phones and boost their profits.
School: Loreto Convent Valley Road
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Mobile App
Team Members: Jemima Kenmoe, Laurene Wamuyu, Melissa Kirwa, Rehema Machuka, Melissa Makumi
Faculty Mentor: Zipporah Morang

Team Members: Rehema Machuka, Melissa Kirwa, Laurene Wamuyu, Jemima Kenmoe

B. Mobile Food Dryer
Mobile Food Dryer provides an alternative method for preserving food for small-scale farmers in marginalised communities and rural areas. They aim to eliminate food wastage and promote food security among Kenyan communities.

School: Kahuguini & Dundori High School
Location: Murang’a County
Category: Agriculture
Team Members: Brian Githinji, Dennis Kuria, Hannah Kuria, Peris Kinyanjui
Faculty Mentor: Mrs. Esther Muthoni

Team Members: Ann Kuria, Dennis Kuria, Phylis Wacera, Brian Githinji

C. Portable Electric Cooker

A renewable energy solution that substitutes ordinary charcoal jikos (stoves) and firewood for home use. The portable electric cooker will reduce pollution by smoke and hence eliminate respiratory complications resulting from continuous use of firewood and charcoal.

School: Riruta Satellite Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Energy
Team Members: Samuel Muigai, Benson Mwaura, Margaret Waithera.
Faculty Mentor: Mr. David Antati

Team Members: Samuel Muigai, Immaculate Awuor,
Benson Mwaura

D. Green App

Green App helps people to correctly dispose of their electronic waste ( e-waste). The mobile phone based application will enable users to identify potential buyers who recycle e-waste and provide a platform to sell recycled products.

School: Loreto Convent Msongari
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Environment
Team Members: Faith Nyaberi, Jean Kago, Rose Mueni
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Gathua Wachira

Team Members: Jean Kago, Rose Mueni, Faith Nyaberi

E.Paper From Water Hyacinth
This team is using water hyacinth from Lake Victoria to make paper. They will reduce pollution and promote aquatic life in the lake and in turn reduce the number of trees cut down to make paper.

School: Mary Leakey Girls High School
Location: Kiambu County
Category: Environment
Team Members: Wambita Fana, Brenda Wangari
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Daniel Kabutha

Team Members: Brenda Wangari, Wambita Fana

F. Automated Housing and Management

The team aims to create a mobile application that will ensure good quality housing and prevent deaths occurring as a result of collapsed buildings. Users will be able to identify safe, approved houses before moving into the residential houses.

School: Precious Blood Girls High School
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Housing and Transport
Team Members: Njoroge Beth Njeri, Kirimi Winnie Muthoni
Faculty Mentor: Mrs. Osero

Team Members: Njoroge Beth Njeri, Kirimi Winnie Muthoni

G. Vehicle Monitoring System

A monitoring system that will help reduce overloading in vehicles and minimize death by accidents on Kenyan roads. The device will be installed in the commercial vehicles eliminating the need for officers to check for overloading.

School: M-Pesa Foundation Academy
Location: Kiambu County
Category: Housing and Transport
Team Members: Stanley Koigi, Dennis Kariuki, John Ekiru
Faculty Mentor: Johnstone Mutua

Team Members: Dennis Kariuki, John Ekiru, Stanley Koigi


H. Okolea Speed Saver

A gadget for vehicles that will stop overspeeding of motorists. The gadget will also help the driver identify the restricted speed areas and advice on the correct speed. The authorities will also use the system to monitor rogue drivers and take legal action.

School: Ghanima El- Marzuq Girls High School
Location: Kajiado County
Category: Housing and Transport
Team Members: Rahma Ibrahim,Tasneem Abdikadir
Faculty Mentor: Firdaws Mohamed

Team Members: Khadija Hassan Mahsan,Rahma Ibrahim, Asmaa Sukyan, Salim Hassan Firdaus


I. The Voices

An intelligent system that will help the deaf and mute to effectively communicate with other people through talking. This device will improve their hearing ability and enable them to engage in verbal communication using modern technology.

School: Nembu Girls
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Healthcare
Team Members: Happiness Akenga, Zuena Ibrahim, Nicole Irya
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Arnest Micheni

Team Members: Happiness Akenga, Nicole Irya
Zuena Ibrahim


J. Security Drone

A security system that uses a drone to monitor premises. The drone will be linked to a communication center to enable quick response in case of an attack or unauthorized entry to a building. The system is intended to promote security and decrease cases of terror attacks.

School: St. Theresa Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Security
Team Members: Arnold Magumba, Kelly Joy Wambui, George Otieno
Faculty Mentor: Evans Owuor

Team Members: George Otieno, Kelly Joy Wambui,Arnold Magumba


K. Antennograph

A home-made solution for trapping mosquitoes to eradicate malaria.The team will use local materials available in the kitchen to create their solution. They aim to minimize the number of deaths resulting from malaria.

School: Friends School Kamusinga

Location: Bungoma County
Category: Healthcare
Team Members: Bildad Kiplimo, Samuel Omondi
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Jasper Sifuna

Team Members: Samuel Omondi, Bildad Kiplimo


L. Gas Leak And Fire Sensor Alarm

A low-cost early fire warning system which detects smoke, gas leakage, and carbon II oxide gas. The device is made using affordable local materials and requires minimal power supply to operate.

School: Ufanisi Talent Academy
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Public Safety
Team Members: George Ochieng, Isaac Kivuva
Faculty Mentor: Johnstone Mutua

Team Members: Isaac Kivuva, George Ochieng