April 2019 Innovate Kenya Finalists

Contact: Richy Bikko
Phone: 0792-486-014
Email: richy@gmin.org
Web: www.gmin.org

Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) is proud to announce the 32 finalists for the first round of the 2019 Innovate Kenya competition in Kenya.

Building on the success of past innovation challenges, this round we had 200 youth who contributed to 76 applications from all over Kenya. These young people proposed ideas and projects that solve tangible problems in their communities. The applications demonstrated passion and drive that makes us very excited about the future of Kenya.

Below are the 10 finalist projects with their associated schools and project descriptions. Each finalist team will be invited to a 1-week innovation camp from 7th – 13th April 2019 where they will undergo a series of design thinking training, leadership clinics, community outings, and rigorous technical training and exploration in their area of interest. Also, each finalist team will receive up to Ksh 50,000 to build a prototype for their solutions.

The finalist teams will be exhibiting and presenting their project prototypes developed during the Innovation Camp on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 at St.Christopher’s Secondary School in Nairobi, Kenya.

Congratulations to our finalists!

A. Soap Making
A project that will eliminate cases of cholera infections among students by providing hand washing soap. The team will help improve sanitation in their school and promote good health.

School: Homabay School
Location: Homabay County
Category: Water and Sanitation
Team Members: Peter Awour, Jeff Griffin, Kennedy Ameso & Peter Chacha
Faculty Mentor: Linet Onyango

B. Automated Simple Room Heater
An automated room heating system that will keep people warm during cold seasons and at night. The team intends to make a heating system that is affordable by using locally available materials.

School: Agape School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Energy
Team Members: Javan James, Caroline Vaati & Doris Kendi
Faculty Mentor:

C. Student Monitoring
An application that will monitor students’ attendance and performance in school. It will also help parents keep track of their child’s performance and other extracurricular activities.

School: Aga Khan High School Mombasa
Location: Mombasa County
Category: Education
Team Members: Aisha Hamoud, Ahmed Lukman, Imran Abdalla, George Okello & Abdalla Feisal
Team Mentor: Intisar Mohamed

D. Quick Health
An application that will enable patients to book their hospital appointments from the comfort of their homes. The app will decrease congestion in hospitals, save time for the patient, keep records of the patient’s progress and promote good health care services.

School: Nova Pioneer Girls
Location: Kiambu County
Category: Health and Medical Care
Team Members: Gloria Waimiri, Abigail Nduta, Susan Jadeve & Cindy Karanja
Faculty Mentor: Daniel Kihia

E. Brailed Keyboard
A special keyboard that will enable the visually impaired persons to interact with their computer conveniently. The keyboard will have the same functionality as the ordinary QWERTY keyboard.

School: Salvation Army Likoni High School For The Visually Impaired
Location: Mombasa County
Category: Education
Team Members: Musa Rashid & Fredrick John
Faculty Mentor: Christine Chemutai

F. Controlling Water Usage
An Arduino based automated system that regulates water usage in irrigation. The system will promote sustainable water management and boost efficiency in agriculture.

School: St Theresa Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Agriculture and Food
Team Members: Paul Simiyu, Kennedy Wafula & Moses Angweo
Faculty Mentor: Humphrey Kigana

G. Prioritise Cleanliness
A gadget that will foster a cleaner environment by making the garbage collection process more efficient. The team aims to educate their community on the importance of cleaning and conserving the environment.

School: St Theresa Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Environment and Pollution
Team Members: Maureen Wacuka, James Mawein & Robert Lubanga
Faculty Mentor: Humphrey Kigana

H. Biosensor
A device that will help farmers monitor their livestock and minimize losses by alerting them when their animals need medical attention.

School: Dundori Secondary School
Location: Nakuru County
Team Members: Peter Wamugu & Beth Karonyo
Faculty Mentor: Esther Muthoni

I. The Jojamoushe
Jojamoushe is an app that will enable upcoming artists to record their songs and videos. Through the platform, the artists can be linked to authentic producers in the market. Moreover, their fans can access the music they have produced.

School: Moi Girls High School Kamangu
Location: Kiambu County
Category: Technology
Team Members: Joy Anne Wairimu, Jasmine Muthoni, Maureen Wanjiku & Sheila Anne Waceke
Faculty Mentor: Tony Muraga

J. Accessible Website for the Visually Impaired
A website that will enable visually impaired people to access information on the internet. The team wants to promote inclusivity by incorporating features that will enable the visually impaired people to browse the internet.

School: Salvation Army Likoni High School For The Visually Impaired
Location: Mombasa County
Category: Technology
Team Members: Charity Samba & Caroline Mbinya
Faculty Mentor: Christine Chemutai