August 2017 Innovate Kenya Finalists

Contact: Richy Bikko
Phone: +254-70-179-1002

Nairobi, Kenya (July 31st, 2017) – Global Minimum Inc. is proud to announce the 31 finalists for the second round of the 2017 Innovate Kenya competition in Kenya.

Building on the success of past innovation competitions in Kenya, we are pleased to announce that more than 350 students contributed to over 70 applications from all over Kenya. All of these secondary students are proposing to solve tangible problems in their communities. The applications demonstrated passion and drive that make us very excited for the future of Kenya.

Below are the 11 finalist projects with their associated schools, innovators, faculty mentors, and project description. Each finalist team will be invited to a 1-week innovation camp from July 31st – August 6th, 2017 where they will undergo a series of design-thinking training, leadership clinics, community outings, and most importantly, rigorous technical training and exploration in their area of interest. In addition, each finalist team will receive up to Ksh.20,000 ($200) to build a prototype for their solutions.

The finalist teams will be exhibiting and presenting their 11 project prototypes that they had developed during the Innovation Camp on Saturday, August 6th, 2017. Those interested in attending the Final Showcase Event should RSVP here by August 3rd.

Congratulations to our finalists!

A. iHelp

A web-based application that aims to improve emergency response services in Kenya. iHelp will enable the user to request for help from anywhere in case of an emergency. Moreover, iHelp comes with a help kit that provides users with vital information regarding an emergency to help the user perform first aid before external help arrives. By incorporating a USSD platform and translation from english to swahili, the application will provide relevant service to many communities.

School: Precious Blood Secondary, Riruta
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Health & Medical Care, Mobile App & Web Development.
Team Members: Yvonne Wagithi, Precious Musyoki & Tara Ogoti
Faculty Mentors: Mr. Michael Mburu
Project Mentors: Zuena Munywoki

Team Members: Precious Musyoki, Tara Ogoti,Yvonne Wagithi
B. Flood Detector

This project seeks to solve the problem of flooding in flood prone areas like Budalangi area. The team will use pipes controlled by a switch to collect excess water and utilize it for the generation of power that could be used by the people in the community.

School: Nembu Girls High School, Upper Hill School
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Environment
Team Members: Zawadi Felicia, Cecilia Kituma, Antonina Wachuka, Stanley Munguti
Faculty Mentors: Mr.Arnest Micheni
Project Mentors: Ken Abwao

Team Members: Zawadi Felicia, Cecilia Kituma, Stanley Munguti, Antoninah Wachuka
C. Smart Sniffer

The Smart Sniffer surveillance system is a smart technology that attempts to eliminate cases of academic dishonesty in institutions. The team is proposing to use a small mobile cart that will monitor examination rooms and upload a live video of the hall. They will also incorporate a microcontroller and a metal detector that will limit students from using mobile phones in the exam rooms. The team hopes to boost the quality of graduates from academic institutions.
School: Friends School Kamusinga
Location: Webuye
Categories: Education
Team Members: Elijah Chege & Duke Makori
Project Mentors: Rosemary Wanjiku

Team Members: Duke Makori, Elijah Chege
D. Electric Pen

The Electric Pen is an exciting technology that seeks to provide students a better alternative to carrying loads of books, especially during school holiday. The pen will allow the students to store all their useful notes for the purpose of reading. The Electric Pen is also a safe way for students to store and back up their lesson notes away from accidents like fire.

School: Machakos Boys High School
Location: Machakos County
Categories: Education
Team Members: Jeff Kiteme, Stanlous Mutili, Teddy Kikotho
Faculty Mentors: Mr. Alex Muthoka
Project Mentors: Karl Heinz

Team Members: Jeff Kiteme, Teddy Kikotha, Stanlous Mutili
E. Intelligent Automotive

The intelligent automotive is a vehicle that aims to minimize road accidents by avoiding collision with obstacles. An ultrasonic sensor connected to the car transmits waves which are reflected from an obstacle back to a microcontroller 8051 family. This guides the vehicle in its right, left, back, and front motion. The speed of each motor is controlled through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

School: Nakuru High School
Location: Nakuru County
Categories: Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Antony Bwogo
Team Members: Wycliffe Onzere & Evans Aluku
Project Mentors: Roy Ombati, Andrew Okello

Team Members: Wycliffe Onzere, Evans Aluku
F. Fight Hunger Project

Many Kenyan communities experience food insecurity due to poor harvests of their crop. The fight hunger project introduces a greenhouse that has optimum conditions for high crop yield. The team will use sensors to record temperature and humidity in the greenhouse and analyze the data to regulate the conditions as required.

School: Agape Hope Schools
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Food & Agriculture
Team Members: Franklyn Ouko, Simon Peter & Esther Wandera
Faculty Mentors: Mr.Moses Kerumba
Project Mentors: Karl Heinz

Team Members: Simon Peter, Esther Wandera, Franklyn Ouko
G. Auto Aqua

Clean water is rare to many communities in Kenya. The process of purifying the water is costly and requires complicated techniques to get good results. Auto aqua is a home appliance that will provide clean water for drinking and at the same time save energy consumed in the process. The equipment will be fitted with solar panels and water purifiers to filter the water.

School: Riruta Satelite Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Water & Sanitation
Team Members: Antony Sailas, Abigael Asiako, Joseph Waweru & Moureen Akoth
Faculty Mentors: Kennedy Khusi
Project Mentors: Zuena Munywoki

Team Members: Antony Sailas, Moureen Akoth, Joseph Waweru, Abigael Asiako
H. Budget Yangu

Budget Yangu is a web-based solution that aims to establish transparency in the county governments regarding expenditure of funds. The interactive website will allow citizens to monitor how funds in their respective counties are used. The project will contribute towards the economic growth of the country through proper management of funds from the county level.

School: Precious Blood Riruta
Category: Governance and Policy
Team Members: Dorcas Anyango & Betty Daisy
Faculty mentors: Mr. Michael Mburu
Project Mentors: Rosemary Wanjiku

Team Members: Betty Daisy,Dorcas Anyango
I. Copper Unit

Several households in Kenyan communities still face challenges in acquiring electricity. The copper unit offers an affordable alternative to the usual power supply from KPLC. The unit utilizes a very simple mechanism of conduction that requires minimum skill to generate electricity for a household. The team intends to collaborate with the community to create partnerships that will enable access to affordable and reliable supply of electricity.

School: Agape Hope Schools
Categories: Energy
Team Members: Francis Waweru & Brian Kihiko
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Moses Kerumba
Project Mentors: Ken Abwao

Team Members: Brian Kihiko, Francis Waweru
J. Automated Shoe Shining

Cleaning and brushing shoes can consume a lot of time and energy in a day. In the automated shoe shining project, the team will use simple mechanisms of motors and microcontrollers to create a machine that will clean and brush shoes of all sizes. Their target is to provide solutions for students in school at home and people at work.

School: Riruta Satelite Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Engineering
Team Members: Rahab Nekesa, Francis Lumiti & Linda Nekesa
Faculty mentors: Mr. Kennedy Khusi
Project Mentors: Andrew Okello

Team Members: Rahab Nekesa, Francis Lumiti,Linda Nekesa
K. Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo is a team that believes trash can be turned into something beautiful and useful for the community. The team aims to improve neatness of the environment by minimizing dumping of waste bottle tops. Nyota Ndogo believe that by educating the community on how to make crafts, people could make art and earn an income in the process and improve their living standards.

School: Nembu Girls High School
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Art & Crafts
Team Members: Shilda Achieng, Vanessa Adiba & Grace Gichira
Faculty Mentors: Mr. Arnest Micheni
Project Mentors: Wangari Muchue & Faith Nyaga

Team Members: Grace Gichira, Vanessa Adiba, Shilda Achieng