December 2018 Innovate Kenya Finalists

Contact: Richy Bikko
Phone: 0792-486-014

Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) is proud to announce the 32 finalists for the third round of the 2018 Innovate Kenya competition in Kenya.

Building on the success of past innovation competitions, this year we have received a total of 289 applications from 1000+ youth and we are pleased to announce that this round more than 300 youth contributed to 60 applications from all over Kenya. These young people proposed ideas and projects that solve tangible problems in their communities. The applications demonstrated passion and drive that makes us very excited about the future of Kenya.

Below are the 12 finalist projects with their associated schools and project descriptions. Each finalist team will be invited to a 1-week innovation camp from December 2nd – December 8th, 2018 where they will undergo a series of design thinking training, leadership clinics, community outings, and rigorous technical training and exploration in their area of interest. Also, each finalist team will receive up to Ksh 50,000 to build a prototype for their solutions.

The finalist teams will be exhibiting and presenting their project prototypes developed during the Innovation Camp on Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at Shalom Guest House off Ngong Rd, Nairobi.

Congratulations to our finalists!

A. Sound Economy Device
An innovative device that harnesses sound energy from the environment and converts it to electrical energy. The resulting energy can be used by communities as an alternative source of electricity.

School: Wiser Girls Secondary School
Location: Migori County
Category: Energy
Team Members: Linner Adhiambo Akinyi, Linah Samrah Minagi, Idda Anyango Ogot & Vivian Shaila Tom
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Kennedy Mikula

B. Electrobike
An environment-friendly bike that utilizes mechanical energy and electrical energy. The electrobike shall be used as an alternative to the conventional motorbikes that contribute to air and noise pollution,

School: Beth Mugo Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Housing & Transport
Team Members: Juma Vincent Okoth, Elijah Kakala & Dennis Gitonga

C. Tunzwa
A mobile application that helps parents monitor their babies’ immunization dates and alerts them when clinic visits are due. The application will also help keep records of vaccination data that can be analyzed to promote data-driven decision-making regarding immunization.
School: Alliance High School
Location: Kiambu County
Category: Health Care
Team Members: Eddy Ogola, Derrick Mwathi & Daniel Nakolah
Faculty Mentor: Mr.Walter Ombiro

D. Eco-Purifier
An eco-friendly exhaust system that will help reduce pollution of toxic exhaust fumes from motor vehicles and industries. The team hopes to reduce the number of cases of respiratory diseases and depletion of the ozone layer.

School: Upper Hill Boys
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Environment
Team Members: Maxwell Nyaga & Andrew Mathenge
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer

E.Light Bag
An innovative lighting solution for students in rural areas in Kenya that will enable them to study in the night. The light bag may also be used as an alternative source of lighting in case of a blackout for households with installed electricity.

School: Nembu Girls High School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Energy
Team Members: Bridgit Njeri Wanjiru & Brolyn Ndubi
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Arnest Micheni

F. Jopesha
A mobile application that helps individuals locate their misplaced personal items using their smartphone. Jopesha will reduce losses incurred when replacing the lost items like keys and wallets

School: St. Theresa Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Categories: Security
Team Members: Joylet Ndanu, Clevian Pendo Khasoa & Sharon M. Kavindu
Faculty Mentor: Mrs. Evans Ouwor

G. Solar Drive
A solar-powered wheelchair intended to help the disabled navigate places with minimal help. The wheelchair incorporates the use of microcontrollers that will assist the user to navigate.

School: Nembu Girls High School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Health Care
Team Members: Trisha Rose Moraa, Celestine Auma Awuoth & Ake Aila
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Arnest Micheni

H. Fire Alert
A local solution for detecting fires in residential places as well as business premises. The fire alerting system will help minimize loss of property by notifying the owners whenever there is a fire.

School: Riruta Satellite Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Security and Safety
Team Members: Melvin Mutimu & Mohamud Abdi
Faculty Mentor: Mr. David Antati

I. X-Sploit
A solution for ensuring integrity during the electoral process by use of digital methods for voting, tallying and transmission of voters data from polling stations to the central server. The direct recording electronic voting system will use electro-optical and mechanical principles in its functionality.

School: Thika High School
Location: Kiambu County
Category: Governance
Team Members: Dennis Mutinda & Winston Mureithi
Faculty Mentor: Bettirose Ngugi

J. Technical Innovators

A gadget that helps motorists observe traffic rules by warning them when they are in areas with traffic signs. The gadget will also be linked to the relevant authorities to ensure motorists who break rules are tracked.

School: St. Theresa Secondary School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Housing & Transport
Team Members: Timothy Kegode, Marion Rosebella & Vidia Akinyi
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Evans Owuor

K. Smart Ledger Accounting Tool
A financial solution that will help small and medium enterprises keep track of their financial records and promote growth. The Smart Ledger Accounting Tool comes in both hardcopy and as a mobile phone application to incorporate a wide range of business owners including those who do not own a smartphone.

School: Ikokani Secondary School
Location: Machakos County
Category: Finance
Team Members: Mary Mukenyi, Florence Mbatha & Jennifer Mwende
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Raymond Musau

L. E-Pocket
A mobile phone application that will help students and parents with budgeting and managing their pocket money while in school. Parents will be able to monitor student expenditure and get notifications whenever the student needs funds for school-related events.

School: Kajiunduthi Secondary School
Location: Tharaka-Nithi County
Category: Finance
Team Members: Brian Kimathi & Dismus Mumanthi
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Fanuel Koskei