November 2017 Innovate Kenya Finalists

Contact: Richy Bikko
Phone: 0792-486-041

Global Minimum Inc. is proud to announce the 34 finalists for the third round of the 2017 Innovate Kenya competition in Kenya.

Building on the success of past innovation competitions in Kenya, we are pleased to announce that this year more than 600 students contributed to 190 applications from all over Kenya. All of these secondary students are proposing to solve tangible problems in their communities. The applications demonstrated passion and drive that make us very excited for the future of Kenya.

Below are the 12 finalist projects with their associated schools and project descriptions. Each finalist team will be invited to a 1-week innovation camp from November 26th – December 2nd, 2017 where they will undergo a series of design-thinking trainings, leadership clinics, community outings, and most importantly, rigorous technical training and exploration in their area of interest. In addition, each finalist team will receive up to Ksh 20,000 ($200) to build a prototype for their solutions.

The finalist teams will be exhibiting and presenting their 12 project prototypes that they had developed during the Innovation Camp on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017.

Congratulations to our finalists!

A. Tatu Safety
An Android based mobile application that will give PSV users a better experience. The app will update the user on the current traffic situation, directions to destination depending on the vehicle’s route and the amount of fare to pay. Furthermore, the passenger will be able to pay their fare using the app.

School: Makini Academy
Location: Nairobi County
Team Members: Joseph Kilasi & Chris

B. Ayana Smart Bracelet
The Ayana Smart Bracelet is a computerized bracelet that will help monitor a person’s vital signs like blood pressure, body temperature and photosensitivity. The team wants to help individuals track their health and detect possible symptoms of serious illnesses like Addison’s disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney or liver diseases.
School: Pumwani High School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Healthcare
Team Members: Samuel Mwangi & Eric Wachira

C. Stag Chat
An Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that will make learning fun and interactive. The platform will update learners with relevant information while incorporating videos, chat rooms, private messaging, video calls, online books and a virtual lab where students can simulate experiments and engage in learning in a more interactive way.

School: Nova Pioneer
Location: Nairobi
Category: Education
Team Members: Isaac Muendo, Chris Ruto, Joseph Ndegwa, Joe Sigei & Blaise Nyange

D. Justifying Emotions
Justifying Emotions is an initiative to help minimize cases of suicide among youths through awareness and education of mental health issues. The team identified a lack of information surrounding mental health and how people can access help. The team plans to work on a blog to raise awareness and see how to involve psychiatrists and psychologists to help individuals with mental health issues.

School: Moi High School Kabarak
Location: Nakuru
Category: Health & Medical care
Team Members: Rehema Wasike, Keziah Cheruto

E. Nature’s Own Antiseptic
With the ongoing cholera outbreak in some parts of Kenya, the team has come up with a way to improve hygiene using a natural antiseptic plant. The organic antiseptic is for usage in households for cleaning to eliminate germs and reduce cases of cholera and other related diseases.

School: Loreto Convent Msongari
Location: Nairobi
Category: Health & Medical care
Team Members: Myra Sukantet, Sarah Mwakio, Leah Ligare, Jewel Makena

F. Stair Ramp
The Stair Ramp is a solution to help physically handicapped individuals with mobility. It will operate based on the Louvre frame principle and incorporate sensors and levers. The model can be installed in buildings so that it can adjust to different configurations based on the user’s preference.

School:Upper Hill School
Location: Nairobi
Categories: Engineering
Team Members: Otiende Elly Savatia, Mutero Kevin Muiga, Muderwa & Keith Joshua

G. M-Safiri
M-Safiri is a mobile application that presents a fulfilling travel experience for long distance travellers. The user can reserve seats, obtain e-tickets via sms or email, make online payments via M-pesa, Paypal, Visa etc. The application will help reduce congestion at stations during peak seasons and students plan their safaris effectively.

School: Precious Blood Riruta
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Transport
Team Members: Cindy Harriet Karanja, Victoria Mutwiri, Priscilla Wambui, Laura Ayushi, Gladys Wairimu,

H. Project Shlane
Shlane is a mobile application that will minimize cases of cargo theft. An individual will be able to track their cargo to minimise losses that result from delays or misplacements.

School: Precious Blood Riruta
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Security
Team Members: Faith Wamuyu, Natasha Matu

I. Modern Sprinkler
Most farmers in Kenya rely on irrigation for water supply to their farms. The modern sprinkler will reduce labour costs for farmers by using three principles; current electricity, velocity ratio and pressure force.The sprinkler will also include Besides water irrigation the sprinkler will be used to dispense pesticides to the farms.

School: Upper Hill School
Category: Agriculture
Team Members: Stephen Namboka & Ian Benson
Faculty mentors: Mr. Francis Jahera

J. Easy Chop(Automated Kibanda Knife)
Easy Chop aims to make the daily life of mama mboga(food/vegetable vendor) easier by providing an automatic vegetable cutter that is secure and fast. This will ensure that food vendors have a convenient way of chopping vegetables and provide timely services to their customers

School: Riruta Satellite School
Category: Food
Team Members: Samuel Rocky, Samuel Mugo, Tony Kingsley & Nahashon Mutunga
Faculty Mentor: Mr. Kennedy Khusi

K. Firebox
The firebox is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) which is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and suction pump that will navigate through building on fires and fire in a building. The pumps will eliminate toxic fumes from the building and the thermal cameras will identify victim positions and alert rescuers of their location.

School: St. Mary’s High School
Location: Nyeri
Category: Housing
Team Members: Ryan Kitheka
Faculty mentors: Mr. Michael Kingori

L. Speed Bump Detector.
The Speed Bump Detector will reduce road accidents caused by unforeseen bumps on roads. The gadget will be installed in the front bumper of the vehicle and will use an ultrasonic sensor to detect bumps and send a signal to the dashboard and in turn slow down the vehicle.

School:Agape Hope School
Location: Nairobi County
Category: Transport
Team Members:Sharon Anota, Jacob Omunchi & Rebecca Wamboi
Faculty Mentors: Mr Moses Kirumba