Global Minimum Inc Announces Innovate Kenya April 2021 Finalists

Contact: Richy Bikko

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Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) is proud to announce the 41 finalists for the 2021 Innovate Kenya competition. Building on the success of past innovation challenges, this round we had over 100 youth who submitted  applications from all over Kenya. These young people proposed ideas and projects that solve tangible problems in their communities. The applications demonstrated passion and drive that makes us very excited about the future of Kenya.

 Below are the 16 finalist projects with their associated schools and project descriptions. Each finalist team will be invited to a 2-week virtual innovation camp from 19th April – 30th April 2021 where they will undergo a series of design thinking training, leadership clinics, virtual community tours, and rigorous technical training and exploration in their area of interest. 

The finalist teams will participate in a virtual pitch event where they will exhibit and present their project prototypes developed during the innovation camp on Friday, 30th April 2021 via Zoom. 

Congratulations to our finalists!


A. Accident  Response System

A system that uses Arduino, GSM, GPS, to alert hospitals, police stations or fire stations in case of an accident. The system will be triggered by a circuit linked to the airbag of the vehicle.

School: Kanga School 

Location: Migori County 

Category: Engineering

Team Members: Kelvin Machani, Frank Thomas, Ian Henry 

B. Automatic Voiced Wheelchair

An automatic solar-powered wheelchair with a Bluetooth device for the physically challenged where the users use their voice to command directions instead of using hands.

School: Kaimosi Girls High School

Location: Vihiga County 

Category: Engineering

Team Members: Emitewa Eleanor, Lorraine Owuor, Verona Awiri, Preislida Machengo

 C. Insect-Based Protein Feeds

A biochemical approach of using black soldier flies which have waste conversion ability in their larvae stage. The flies transform waste into high-quality protein which would be used as a cheaper, clean and sustainable protein additive in animal feeds. 

School: Kajiunduthi Secondary School

Location: Tharaka Nithi County

Category: Biological and Chemical Sciences

Team Members: Denis Munene and Denis Kimathi

D. MobiBlood

A mobile application that stores volunteer donation data (name, contact, blood type) and in case blood is needed a volunteer close to the health facility in need, receives a notification.

School: Kajiunduthi Secondary School

Location: Tharaka-Nithi

Category: Mobile App and Web Development (ICT)

Team Members: Amir Gitonga, Collins Ndereba

E. Fire Extinguishing Robot

A project that aims at reducing damages including the high fatality rate caused by fire outbreaks by the use of a robot with efficiency and agility.

School: St Theresa Secondary School

Location: Nairobi

Category: Engineering

Team Members: Richard Lukoye, Josephine Njeri

 F. The Afya System

A mobile application designed to provide information about non-communicable diseases and link patients with doctors and hospitals.

School: Mama Ngina Girls High School

Location: Mombasa

Category: Mobile App and Web Development (ICT)

Team Members: Florida Korir, Juliet Wangoi

G. Smart Gloves

A smart aided software built into special gloves with flex sensors, OLED screen under the control of Nodemcu(ESP8266) and a mobile application app. This enables communication from a deaf person, while a text and speech automated smartphone app sends output(feedback) back to the hearing impaired person. 

School: Kanga High School

Location: Migori

Category: Engineering

Team Members: Shadrack Maisiba, Wycliffe Opiyo, Alfonce Ochieng’

 H. Green Nettle Textiles

A manufacturing innovation that produces fibre from The  Green Nettle plant can also be used to provide job opportunities for inhabitants of the area, as well as clean their water sources through the Green nettle’s natural purification abilities.

School: Dundori Secondary School

Location: Nakuru

Category: Economics and Finance

Team Members: Ann Karethi and Lilian Wanjiru

 I. Automatic Fire Extinguisher

A fire alert and control system that mixes concentrated. Hydrochloric acid and Calcium Carbonate by inversion in order to cut off the oxygen and smoke supply by automatic conversion of the chemicals into Carbon dioxide, and sends an alert text message to the house administrator.

School: Kajiunduthi High School 

Location: Tharaka Nithi

Category: Engineering and Security

Team Members: Kikata Vincent and Elias Minani

J. High School Elite Placement

An informational website with all Kenyan High schools listed, with their subsequent application forms and registration requirements, to make student placements into secondary schools easy, transparent, fast and reliable.

School: Kajiunduthi High School 

Location: Tharaka Nithi

Category: Mobile App and Web Development.

Team Members; Victor Mutugi, Kelvin Muriithi.

 K. No Flooding 

A project that incorporates a system of a water catchment reservoir (dam) in flooded areas which directs the water into neighbouring arid areas, while diverting certain water amounts for irrigation, and some for use and storage.

School: St. Theresa Secondary School

Location: Nairobi County

Category: Engineering

Team Members: Georginah Kavulani, Zhayne Wangu

Team Mentor: 

L. Electrochemical reduction of toxic ions from water

A water purification system that uses hydrogen catalysts over solid thus reducing toxic ions from the water making them safe for consumption and general usage. 

School: Matuga Girls High School

Location: Kwale County

Category: Water and Sanitation 

Team Members: Gheida Abdallah, Manal Abubakar, Jummah Abdalah, Joy Ndanu

 M. COVID-19 Impact on gender equality

A gender equality platform that advocates for women’s rights through online campaigns and resources.

School: Makini High School

Location: Nairobi County

Category: Gender Equality 

Team Members: Samali Njogu, Wangeci Kinoti

N. Ramifications of Coronavirus on Health and Wellbeing 

A project that seeks to create awareness and education for the vulnerable ( people with underlying conditions, the elderly and infants) during the COVID pandemic.

School: Makini High School 

Location: Nairobi County

Category: Healthcare and Wellbeing 

Team Members: Sasha Njogu, Charlotte Ghemar

O. Automated Hand Wash Machine

An automated hand wash machine fixed with sensors and programmed in such a way that when the hand is brought near the tap, it’s sensed by the sensor making the water valve to open and the water flows.

School: Chala Secondary School 

Location: Taita Taveta County 

Category: Water and Sanitation

Team Members: Grace Achuka, Lewis Mwangeka, Kodi Samanya

 P. Youth Empowerment

A project that seeks to create awareness and civic education on human rights  especially among the youths

School: Dadaab Secondary School 

Location: Garissa County 

Category: Peace and Justice

Team Members: Abdirizak Mohammed, Warsame Mohammed Yassin,Omar Hire Aden