Global Minimum Inc Announces Innovate Salone December 2020 Finalists

Contact: Emmanuel Abdulai

Phone: 23276710790




Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) is pleased to announce the ten finalist teams for the 2020 Innovate Salone virtual camp.

Building on the success of past innovation competitions in Sierra Leone, we are pleased to announce that more than 200 students contributed to over 38 applications from the five regions. These young people are proposing to solve real problems that have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities. The applications demonstrated passion and drive that make us very excited about the future of Sierra Leone.

This round of innovation competition is unique because it is the first time GMin encourages our young leaders to re-imagine problem-solving based on themes. The focus areas for the re-imagine challenge are:
Gender Equality
Peace and Justice
Water and Sanitation

Below are the ten finalist projects with their associated schools and project descriptions. We will invite each finalist team to a virtual innovation camp from 7th-16th December 2020. During the camp, they will undergo a series of workshops to learn Design Thinking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, a virtual field trip, rigorous technical training, and exploration in their area of interest. Also, each finalist team will receive financial support to build a prototype of their solutions.

The finalist teams will participate in a virtual pitch event to exhibit and present their project prototypes developed during the innovation camp on Wednesday, 16th December 2020, via Zoom.

Congratulations to our finalists!




1.Reusable Sanitary Pads
In low-income homes, girls find it hard to purchase sanitary pads because sanitary pads are costly. The team focuses on designing hygienic towels that can be reused by women and girls to promote better menstrual hygiene.

School: Jonathan Child Care school
Location: Bo
Category: Health
Team Members: Ernestina Asante, Joyce Mbatiloh Mbogba, & Tiangae Sowa.

2. Empowering Community Girls and Women
The team seeks to build a functional network of women at the community level across Sierra Leone to ensure that women’s voices are heard. Through this network, they will also train women and girls so they acquire the necessary skills to create sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

School: Koidu Girls Sec School
Location: Kono
Category: Health
Team Members: Handella Mac Williams, Victoria Kamara, Desmond Alfred, Jonathan Farma, & Grace Ngegba

3. Hand Washing Scanner
As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to destroy lives, our team aims to design a system that will scan and detect sick people while washing their hands remotely.

School: High School Graduate
Location: Freetown
Category: Health
Team Members: Umaru Lebbie,Tamba Fellie, Tejan Mattia, Massah Ansu

4. The Electronic Health Monitoring Machine
As technology advances worldwide, our health systems have to be improved to catch up with current trends. The team is building an electronic vital sign monitoring machine that will work faster and effectively to identify patients’ vitals when they visit hospitals.

School: High School Graduate
Location: Freetown
Category: Health
Team: Abu Bakarr Bangura, and Laihai kalon

5. Assistant Doctor Artificial Intelligence
Due to the challenges faced by medical professionals to interact remotely with patients using a digital platform, our team has decided to build an AI-based solution that will support medical practitioners and ensure they offer the best services to their patients. The system will also be available to the public to answer health questions and offer advice on safe home treatment options.

School: Albert Academy Senior Secondary/ Prince Of Wales
Location: Freetown
Category: Health
Team: Ibrahim Kargbo, Ibrahim S Sesay

6. Sustainable Justice and peace
Implementation of inter-district youth and community leaders dialogue to spread peace and justice for all. The youth, especially and every other Sierra Leonean, will benefit from it as it will give a free-breathing space to all.

School: Kenema Secondary school
Location: Kenema
Category: Peace and Justice
Team: Augustine Tamba Allieu, Jarai Sow, Amadu Chernor Sesay

7. Local Insects Box killer
One of the significant causes of death in our communities is malaria and typhoid. If we can eliminate the root cause of malaria, which is mosquito bites, we will reduce the death rates due to malaria. The team plans to create a local insect box killer.

School: Government Senior Secondary School
Location: Freetown
Category: Health
Team Members: Mitchel Powells, Sahr Ngegba

8. Water Supply And Sanitation
As a result of insufficient knowledge on better hygiene practices, there has been an increase in our communities’ diseases. The team aims at sensitizing the public about good hygiene.

School: BTC School-BO
Location: Bo
Category: Water and Sanitation
Team Members: Tiangae Sowa, Marcus Grant, Mohamed Swaray, Hannah S Nyanday

9. Enhancing Good Health and Social Well Being
Most girls reaching puberty find it hard to afford their basic needs to take care of their hygiene. The team would like to manufacture sanitary pads that we will be distributed to schools for free.

School: Unique Intl School
Location: Kono
Category: Health
Team Members: Catherine Davida Ramatu Kabia, Grace Adeza Ngegba, Lamaranah Fatmata Timbo, Morlai Augustine Saio Kamara

10. Purified Water Tech Solutions
There are lots of deaths in our communities because of the lack of safe drinking water. The team is working on a water purification substance to enhance safe drinking water.

School: Bo Government Sec School
Location: Bo
Category: Water/Sanitation
Team Members: Paul Brewah, James Momoh