Meet the Inlab Champs

In September 2017, GMin introduced the InLab Champs student leadership team in Kenya. Through the years, our students at Inlab have shown excitement and interest in our program. As many say, ”Inlab is more fun, unlike the normal classes we have at school”

In our effort to nurture the young leaders, GMin selected two students from each of our partner schools and invited them to co-facilitate the weekly Inlab sessions.

Criteria for selection
  • Level of student’s participation during Inlab sessions
  • Student’s interest in learning more concepts about the arduino
  • Leadership potential of the students
  • Student’s willfulness to commit to the program

After the selection process, we held a one-day intensive boot camp to prepare the fellows for their role. In particular, we trained them on technical skills pertaining to the arduino, and soft skills they would require during the sessions as well as leadership skills.


Inlab fellows during an informative training session led by Michelle and Kevin


Fellows working on short projects during the training


We are proud of the great work the Inlab fellows are doing. We look forward to getting more fellows on board as we continue to empower our youths to become innovative leaders.