My GMin Story

Hello, am Keith Brian, a teen innovator studying at Kanga High School. I came to know about Global Minimum(GMin) after attending a STEM workshop organized by the Young Scientist Kenya (YSK) Outreach at our school. From there, my team and I applied for the In-challenge program, an innovation competition for youth in Kenya. Our project, Smart Vigilance System was selected to be part of the 12 finalists teams to participate in the innovate Kenya Boot camp. With our system, we aimed to address burglary and illegal intrusions in the community where we came from. At first, we didn’t know how to perfectly transform the idea, we had into a tangible solution. During the Innovate Kenya boot camp hosted by GMin, we got an opportunity to work with an awesome mentor who helped us develop our project idea.  We also went through a series of design-thinking workshops that helped us better understand our users.

During the Boot camp, I gained vast knowledge of Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics as well as the  &  Sustainable Development Goals alongside skills which enhanced collaboration with my team and polished my effective communication skills. I can confidently say that I’m a proud GMin alum since it has nurtured my passion for innovation and being a change-maker. This acted as an eye-opener to opportunities around me. From Global Minimum my project was nominated to be part of the Young Scientist Kenya 2020 exhibition, which will be the first-ever virtual exhibition they will host. I later applied for First Global Competition, a highly profiled annual international Robotics Competition in partnership with Global Minimum and TME education Kenya and I qualified to be part of Team Kenya 2020. In addition, I got the opportunity to attend global seminars on STEM and SDGs including the MUN GLOBAL IMPACT  SUMMIT and the Global STEM alliance organized by the New York Academy of Sciences(NYAS). Moving forward, I advocate for SDGs having joined an initiative called Innovate4SDGs which was again started by an Innovate Kenya Alumni, Elly Savatia. Having been part of Global Minimum has helped me a great deal to realize my potential and setting off for this journey of becoming a  change-maker

From my experience, I realize that any teen can be part of the Global Minimum Family. What you need is just to have an idea that will help address a problem you experience in your community and you will find in them a community that will support you all the way.

Finally, to my fellow youth, I encourage you to pursue STEM education and develop a  passion for innovation that will unlock your creativity and ingenuity skills to be the changemakers in your communities. Let me mark the end of my testimony with one quote from Mahatma Gandhi, which always inspired me:

You must be the change you would wish to see in this World!!